March 4, 2013

Man seeks deposition to settle debt dispute

A man has filed a petition to perpetuate testimony against the Orange County resident who he claims owes him $40,000. loan-money-hand

David K. Haney claims he lent defendant Robbie Warwick $40,000 in relation to a partnership agreement and toward the purchase of a vehicle for the Warwicks and the purchase of a home for the Warwicks.

Warwick admits that Haney did lend him the money, but contends that he repaid a portion of his debts through work and money payments.

Haney filed the petition Feb. 26 in Jefferson County District Court in an effort to determine whether Warwick repaid any of the money owed or whether a lawsuit is necessary to collect the money owed.

In his petition, Haney is seeking a deposition that will require the Warwicks to produce various paperwork in regards to the money lent and the services and money repaid toward the loan.

He will be represented by Collin D. Shellenberger and Frank T. Messina of Germer Gertz of Beaumont.

Case No. D193-990