December 10, 2013

$64K debt leads to litigation

GALVESTON – In light of an apparent $64,000 debt it claims it is owed, Ecolotron Inc. has filed a lawsuit.

Recent court papers filed Dec. 5 in Galveston County District Court assert North Star Water Logic LLC is the debtor, stating the defendant failed to pay $64,100 for equipment provided and delivered by Ecolotron.contract

In August 2012, both parties entered into an agreement which called for Ecolotron to provide North Star E-Flock Electrocoagulation Equipment to “enhance its business in the waste water recovery industry.”

The suit explains that the respondent informed Ecolotron in writing that “it extended the contract for one year,” but the former “failed and refused to pay several invoices for goods and services.”

According to the plaintiff, North Star reportedly promised to pay “but did not.”

It adds the defendant purportedly returned the equipment in bad shape to Ecolotron’s place of business last month.

Attorney Amy Rose Oliver of Clear Lake Shores is representing Ecolotron, and the Galveston County 212th District Court is the recipient of the case.

Case No. 13-CV-1521