Writ of Execution in Texas

A Writ of Execution in Texas is an order from a court directing the Sherriff or constable to sell your non exempt property to pay off a judgment of the court.

Generally, when a writ has been issued, the sheriff or constable may contact you and demand that you pay off the judgment or they will move forward with the writ of execution. 

Your homestead is protected in Texas from any type of forced sale for most creditors, provided you properly filed your homestead exemption.  (obviously your mortgage company can foreclose on your home and take possession but other creditors generally cannot).

If you own non exempt real property, like a rent house, the creditor can actually force the sale of your property at auction to pay the judgment with the writ of execution.

Many creditors will agree to settle judgments but it is not advisable to do this without a licensed attorney.  If you settle, you should obtain a properly prepared and filed release of the judgment from the creditor.

If settlement is simply not possible, the best way to completely discharge a judgment and stop a writ of execution is by filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  To find out more information regarding Bankruptcy please visit our dedicated website: www.Texas-BankruptcyAttorney.com

If you have a judgment that was rendered against you, please contact the law firm of Weston Legal PLLC by calling, emailing, or completing the contact form on this page.  We offer flat fees and payment plans.

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