Satisfaction of a Judgment in Texas

When you pay off a judgment in Texas, the judgment is then satisfied.  Generally the creditor should provide you with a documented release of the judgment that should be publicly filed. 

Many creditors will file what is called an abstract of judgment.  This abstract of judgment is generally filed in the real property records of the county where the judgment was obtained.  In order to release the abstract, you must have the creditor sign a release and have it filed in the real property records to release the abstract of judgment.  Another option is to file your own partial release of the judgment as explained below.

Usually when you pay off a judgment, the judgment creditor should notify the credit reporting agencies that there is no balance owed.  Paying off a judgment does not by itself cause the record of the judgment from being deleted from your credit report.  Even if it cannot be deleted you should take steps to ensure that no balance is being reported.

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If you are trying to move forward with selling or re-financing a homestead, the Texas Property Code allows you to obtain a partial release of the judgment as it pertains to your homestead without paying the judgment creditor anything.  Presuming your title company is ok with a partial release, this procedure is in place to prevent creditors from holding up homestead transactions in Texas.

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